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Policy and Democracy.
Training Based in Liberty.

Established in 2001. Bellwether Forum has trained those who love liberty how to run for office, from fundraising to voter targeting, social and economic policies that impact freedom, across the United States and internationally.
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Our campaign seminars have sent many political novices into political office because we focus on teaching the nuts and bolts of campaigns that deliver real outcomes from experts who know what works.


Learn the policies that impact liberty, from the basics outlined in the Constitution to advanced policies that dominate the news. From speech, media, print and internet, Bellwether Forum provides the tools to spread the word about your position to build a base of supporters.


At the heart of a well-run campaign is a well-oiled machine to fund the operations. Bellwether Forum shows you how to build a powerful fundraising effort for your political campaign.

Speaker Series

Invite experts and leaders from the US and across the world to share their experience about protecting and expanding freedom to your audience.

Our Mission
Teach politics and policy that protect and advance Liberty.
What we Do?
Introduce novices to policies and political strategies that advance a Liberty-driven agenda through seminars and a speaker series.
Our Company's Values
We are conservative. We love Liberty. And we teach those who share our values the strategies to start a successful political campaign.

Participants Say.

Through Bellwether Forum's Politics 101 Seminar, I learned the secret to success about political campaigns.

John W.

I would not be a 10-year elected member of the legislature without the skills I learned in Bellwether Forum's seminars.

Allen H.

Belllwether Forum's seminars introduced me into a political world that no one else teaches about. The seminars opened my eyes and allowed me to start a non-profit politcal advocacy organization and to keep it funded.

Sara J.

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